About us

We are designing Africa’s future and will Supervise its Implementation!

My name is Oluyemi Imole and I am a Design Entrepreneur. This decision I made in December 2013 will be the defining decision of my life! Armed with a Computer Science Degree from the prestigious Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH), the best I could do was to go the ways of my colleagues- which was to became a software developer.


I tried my hands on coding by picking up a few programming languages, but I soon realized that I needed to cave a niche for my self, do something I love to do while applying my little coding skills and play in a space that will eventually be highly needed as much as that of the software developers. Design was the answer! Whether I was the one that found design or it was design that found me will be a debate for another day. (smiles)


Grafrica is a website, built solely for African designers (not limited to graphics designers o!) and Afro-centric tech designs. The vision of the website is to help build word-class design skills into Africans, showcase design and tech talents and connect such talents to opportunities.


We need your help in achieving all this. Holla at us: grafricang@gmail.com