Creative Cultural Art/Photography Teacher

Creative Cultural Art/Photography Teacher

Creative Cultural Art/Photography Teacher (IGCSE Experience)for Vivian Fowler Memorial College For Girls

Job Details

  • Study the syllabus for the subject, draw up the scheme of work and submit to the Head of Departmental at the beginning of each term.
  • Prepare lesson notes and teaching aids.
  • Submit lesson notes to the Principal or Vice Principalqw Academics for correction.
  • Deliver his/her lessons regularly and punctually.

Assess students by:


(a) Giving one assignment per subject taught per day

(b) Administering at least one test per subject taught monthly

(c) Marking both assignments and tests

(d) Recording results of both assignments and tests

(e) Give individual/group feedback on result of assignments and tested within three days

Encourage students in the preparation of teaching aid.

Check pupils’ work regregularlyd append signature on all chalkboard summary given.

Observe/Praise/Reprimand/Correct students’ behaviour and refer to VP Administration and VP Academics when necessary.

Report malfunction or deficiencies in teaching aids to the H.O.D in writing

Complete records of work weekly and forward them to the VP Academics.

Update and keep:


(a) School Attendance Register daily immediately and after assembly and hand over to the VP Academics.

(b) Continuous Assessment Report Book by filling in compiled results of assignments, tests and examinations.


  • Set and submit examination questions and mark before deadline.
  • Invigilate during examination period.
  • Conduct assemblies and perform actively when on duty.
  • Attend staff and PTF meetings.
  • Any chosen teacher shall attend specific meetings, seminars, workshops and conferences organised by any recognized body with the aim of promoting the advancement of education of their pupils and the teacher.
  • Ensure students compliance with dress codes standard of personal and environmental hygiene.
  • Assist in the supervision of games and other curricular activities.
  • Carry out any other duty assigned by the school authority.

To Apply:

Click here

Preferred Years of Experience:

3 – 5 years


₦70,000.00 ‐ ₦100,000.00 per month

Application Deadline:

2 months from now





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