My feminine features Does Not Limit My Working Brain- Why more Nigerian Women Identify with Feminism


Feminism is the rave of the moment in our present Nigerian history. It is that topic that generates heated debate among men and women. It is a controversial topic that puts many women on the defensive.

The modern day woman wears the cloak of feminism as a garment to protect herself from societal stereotypes and age long man made traditions. Because the women folk have been subjected to ridicule, violence and shaming by the patriachal gender in Nigeria, feminism serves to protect their interest from being further thwarted.

Every modern day woman in Nigeria has identified with feminism. Feminism speaks of liberation from traditional values that have made many women slaves of silence. The culture of silence deprived so many women of speaking up for their rights, of attaining great heights in career and marriage. The badge of silence worn by women for many decades has led many into untimely death, unhappy relationships and many personal losses which cannot be quantified.

Feminism erodes every value that doesn’t project our humanity in a positive light. So, why are more women interested in feminism?

.Here is why

1. The modern Nigerian woman is tired of being made an object to be tossed around by men and by society. She is tired of being told not to speak when threatened with violence. She is tired of being at the mercy of a man. She wants to have a voice because she’s tired of being an object who can only be seen but not heard. She doesn’t want to pretend everything is alright when it is clearly not. She wants to be happy and live long.

2. She is tired of the popular mantra that her life ends in the kitchen. The modern woman in Nigeria doesn’t care how long this stereotype has been holding water, but she is ready to break out of the norm and make something meaningful out of her existence. She wants to feel the joy of making her own money, of excelling in her career, of being a happy wife and mother to a good husband and loving kids respectively.

3. She is tired of being afraid
Yes, afraid of life. Afraid of so many “what ifs”. She wants to go beyond every barrier to see what’s at the end of the road. She wants to stop being fearful about the future, her children and her husbands’. She wants to wake up everyday ready to conquer the world. She doesn’t want to be cowered into silence in order to protect a man’s ego.

4. She wants a voice
She wants to be heard. She wants to share her opinion to the world. She wants to be acknowledged as a human being with a working brain. She wants to be seen beyond being a nanny and a cook. She wants to see life beyond the four corners of her married home. She wants to visit more place than the market to buy pepper and tomatoes.

The list is inexhaustible. But feminism has been a tool of liberation to most women. The Nigerian woman is evolving. She’s questioning the norms. She’s living her dreams knowing that her life cannot be tied down. She knows her life is not limited because she’s married or single. She knows she can’t be blackmailed into forsaking her dreams in order to end up in the kitchen.


She wants to be a successful wife, mother, birth happy children and live her dreams. If this is what feminism helps her to achieve, then, she doesn’t think its too much to ask.




Yetunde Olasiyan

Author : Yetunde Olasiyan

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