Imaginations and Creative Thinking for Designers

Imaginations and Creative Thinking for Designers

Imaginations and Creative Thinking as It relates to Designers

Hey there, I’m really excited talking about this topic in particular because it is the basis of all for me as a person, a designer and creative thinkerI base my knowledge on clarified understanding, therefore, I hope I’m able to transfer this knowledge in an understandable manner.

NOTE:  Understanding begins by defining.


What are Imaginations?

Imagination and Creative thinking for creativesThe formulation of a thought, an idea or a perception is all based on one’s ability to imagine. To think, you have to be able to successfully perceive with fragments of images, sounds, smells and even feelings that are either existing or pre-existing in your mind-set. Now, what I actually mean is very simple, when you think, your brain processes the thoughts with images, sounds and smells that either exists in real life or are made up by the brain itself.

According to various dictionary, the definition of imagination orbits around the image-making power of the brain or mind, but as a creative, I can profoundly tell you that imaginations exceeds just images formulation but also, the formulation of smells, sounds and even feelings.


To this end, I perceive imagination as the mental interpretation of one’s perception majorly with visuals and key sensory within the mind.


Imagining is something we all do, but the way we imagine varies from person to person.


The Realm of Imagination

 Imagination and creative thinking for Creatives two


Imagine a box filled with every possible thing you can think of, I’m guessing that box will probably be the biggest box ever but now imagine that box in a room, a room so large, it makes the box look like a speck of dust. Now that’s a wonder. You see, the box is basically everything and anything presently known and the room is the possibilities we are yet to explore. This defines the realm of reality and imagination, reality is the box and imagination the room.

The realm of imagination is considered unmeasurable because it has no end, it is limitless and bound by no particular law. Reality on the other hand is quite limited to certain laws that defines it. What I am saying is, in reality, if you jump from a high building, you will break a leg or two but in the realm of your imagination, if you jump from the same building, you could fly, disappear or even dive into the ground and start swimming in it like it’s a pool.


Imagination is powerful, it is the root of every dream, hope and aspiration. Imagination is the tailor that sews the fabrics of reality.


The realm of imaginations exists inside each and every person alive, the way we utilize it in our everyday pursuit for happiness is what makes some greater than the other and others even lesser than some.

Explore your imagination and you can possibly change our reality.


Imaginations and Reality: The Relationship

Imaginations and reality to our world in general are quite divergent, meaning the world believes that there are great and notable differences between these factors. Yes, there are, but yet, No!

The question now is WHY NO?

You see, I as a person have come to understand that imagination defines reality,


for we only know the sense of what is real because of that which is unreal. 


Our reality was once the imagination of others. Imagine speaking about the concept of a smartphone 2,000 years ago, the idea will be considered unrealistic or in other word imaginary. Reality is only the imagination that became generally accepted as real by the majority based on existing fact.

So what am I saying in essence?

I am saying that the differences between the fabrics of reality and imaginations are only determined based on pre-existing facts and beliefs that is somehow generally accepted by the minds of the majority, in all, they are the same.

The truth is understanding the relationship between reality and imaginations is quite complex, we can say in general that ideas are the linking factors. Most times, it exceeds that, therefore, explaining this relationship all falls down to one vital question, how do you perceive the world?


Developing The Art of Imagination for Creative Thinking

Imaginations and Creative Thinking for Creatives

It’s pretty amazing that all human possesses the ability to imagine, but only a few has developed the art in a creative thinking technique. You see, most people only imagine because they perceive the use of imagery while communicating and that is not creative thinking.


Creative thinking and imagination work hand in hand, you cannot creatively think without imagining, it is psychologically impossible.


Developing the art of imagination for creative thinking is actually very easy, so easy you can do it on the go, anytime anywhere. It is an easy process because even without you completely knowing, your subconscious mind has trapped a lot of information necessary for this development. All you have to do as a person is to completely accept that you are ready by doing the following:


  • Keep an open mind: As one who is ready to creatively think different, you must accept the possibility of anything. You must believe that anything can happen regardless of how unreal, ridiculous and probably senseless it might seem.


  • Expel Pessimistic Vibes: When it comes to thinking creative, you must prepare your mind for rejection, criticism, depreciation and a couple of negative experiences that should interface with your creative process or emotion because they are inevitable. Stay optimistic.


  • Observe: See beyond the surface, note the patterns, shapes, colours, dimension, angles, lightening, listen in-between sounds, note the sounds behind the sounds, the pitches, the rhymes and rhythms, the melody, Inhale the smells, note the sensation of the scents, the odors, the aroma, Note the differences in everything and the similarities in all.


  • Constant Multi-sensory Imagery: Learn to constantly imagine the smell, taste and or feeling of the images you picture in your head all at once. Imagine an apple and the crunching feeling in your teeth and tongue as you chew and the sugary taste as you swallow, all in your head.


  • Work Hard:Your creative thinking is only noticeable when you spill out an idea practically. Dilip Abayasekara said “simply imagining success without putting in the required work is a fool’s dream unless you already have a very high level of skill in the endeavor”.


In summary, the art of developing imagination for creative thinking is something our subconscious is pre-ready for, all that is left, is for us to consciously prepare for the ultimate experience.


Article by: Maduka Stephen Ugochukwu


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