“I had to miss lectures just to cater to my clients…”- Abdur-Razaq Adebayo (Bayo Grafix Design Studio)

Abdur-Razaq Adebayo

An Interview with Abdur-Razaq Adebayo, C.E.O  Bayo Grafix Design Studio. He shares some insights, challenges and projections about the African design Industry.


What first inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

Freedom to create my own destiny; knowing that both my successes and failures are direct results of ME and by ME!!! The end-result is truly in my hands! If I want to succeed, I must work hard. And being an entrepreneur, It’s very easy to set the standard of your work as you are your own boss,  I like to be my Boss, I also like to impact thus, am Living to Impact.


What made you choose this type of business that you do currently?

It’s all about passion. I have a passion for Graphics Design-Basically let say Art. I love to speak through Visual Communication; and this is easy because I am a graphics Artist. Graphics Design/Art cuts across many aspect of life, Ranging from Colors, Shapes etc.

Being a Graphics Designer, I can see that am moving towards my dream. There is a saying thus, “Always make your Passion your Profession, It will help you gain perfection”. This keeps me going, because I have already made my passion my Profession, and here I am, on my way to Perfection!


Tell us about your company, how it got started and what it does.

Bayo Grafix Design Studio came into existence in Early 2014. I named this company after myself, with the name extracted from my Last Name (Adebayo). We are a full-fledged Graphics Design Company.

We are known for Making Numerous Graphics Design, Some of which includes:

  • Book Cover
  • Calendar
  • Brochure
  • Advert Art
  • Logo
  • Business Card
  • Banner
  • Stickers
  • Flyers
  • Plastic ID Card
  • Cartoons
  • Single Covers
  • Album Art
  • Mixtape
  • Dp Designs
  • Design Quotes and More …


What are your companys goals?

My company goal is to be one of the top Graphics design companies in Africa and the world at large. Also, we want to provide job opportunities for creative youths and Impact, build, and develop numerous youths in various aspects of creativity.


How many employees?

Presently, there is none.


What characteristics do you think is important for graphic designers to have?

Some believe that creative geniuses are born, while others believe that creativity is a learned behavior. Your attribute and the way you see things are two aspects and they contribute to what makes you creative.

Creative graphics designers are known for their ability to adapt to all kind of situations and not allowing criticisms stop them.

Some of the Characteristics that a serious Graphics Designers must have or even Learn to have are:

  1. He/She must be highly motivated
  2. Very imaginative
  3. Brutally honest
  4. Truly passionate
  5. Embrace Challenges
  6. Manage Time
  7. Find a balance
  8. Good communicator
  9. Professional attitude
  10. Can take criticism
  11. Keep learning
  12. Push their limits


What challenges have you faced as an entrepreneur?

The Challenge that I faced as an Entrepreneur is lack of capital and necessary resources to start the business. But thank God today, we are a step ahead but not where we ought to be just yet.

We are planning to start a creative school where individuals can showcase their creativity; and this will cut across various aspect of creativity, art and craft.e.t.c.

This is one big project, a very big challenge ahead that we anticipate and we pray it becomes a success.


What are the risks you’ve taken as an entrepreneur?

Exactly last year, while still in school, I had to miss lectures just to cater to my clients and deliver projects on time. This was unusual of me, because I value attending lectures a lot. I just couldn’t help it as I have loads of jobs to deliver and it’s my passion to design. I really do always have great time while thinking of concepts and when implementing my idea.

Also, it’s unusual of me, not to study hard for exams, but being an entrepreneur, I had to divide my time between various other activities and work. In short, I don’t use my whole time to study like before but I somehow manage to still have good grades.


As an aspiring graphic designer in Africa, what do you think are the biggest challenges facing this sector?

Some of the challenges Facing Graphics Designing sector or Challenges that graphic designer faced in their day to day activities are:

  1. Managing time effectively: You need to make sure you are balancing all important aspect of running your business. As a graphic Artist, I personally spend the least amount of time actually designing; most of my time is spent working on passive income, reading and education, finding clients, working on promotional and strategic marketing, Accounting, and communicating with existing clients.
  2. Another is negotiating rates and chasing payments: This I believe is a challenge all Graphics Designers do face. Also,
  3. Managing Personalities and Expectations: Learning what the client wants and expects from you, sometimes having to read minds, dealing with people who can’t make decisions, or don’t know what they want. Clients of such are common and it’s sometimes annoying.
  4. Isolation: Working alone all day, every day, sometimes personally, I will go day without having an actual real life conversation with another human .Plus convincing clients of the value your skills- being an “Expert”, getting good, high paying clients.


Asides the challenges I face as a graphic designer, I still love designing, and I am thankful that I can use my skill to work independently. My love for creative expression and design makes all the headache, pressure, nightmare clients and self-doubt all worth it.


What excites you about the future for graphic designers in Africa?

Future is wide and bright. It’s all about focusing on what you love and what you are good at. Africa has a very forward thinking frame of mind when it comes to art and advertising which makes the continent a very exciting place to be. It’s becoming increasingly exciting for me to see that the future of Graphics designers in Africa can bring purpose and meaning. So, for graphics designers, the world is very exciting at the moment. I can foresee millions of opportunities in the era when brands recognize the importance of good design.


If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

There is a saying that goes thus “whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve”. To any Entrepreneur, if you want to do it, Do it now, if you don’t, you are going to regret it! It’s not about ideas; it’s about making ideas happen. Ideas are easy; its implementation that’s most important.


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