“I postponed my NYSC for entrepreneurship”-Ajibo chinedu (Cephas Artwork)

I postponed my NYSC for entrepreneurship

An Interview with Ajibo chinedu, the MD/CEO of Cephas Artworld. He takes us with him on his entrepreneural journey so far, revealing is passion for graphics design and Training of Youths.

What first inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

Growing up as an African Child, I witnessed a lot of financial crisis and each time my curiosity drives me to ask the question “WHY?” Surprisingly, I get same answer; “bad governance!” That led me on a quest to solve that puzzle; I went on to research about how America grew their economy and standard of living. Got inspired by the Creativity of men that built America; Vanderbilt, John D Rockefeller, Tom Scot, Andre Carnegie, J.P. Morgan, Thomas Edison and Henry Ford, they built America’s economy without depending on the government.

Just like John F. Kennedy said, “… ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country” So I did just that! I focused on training the youths Creative and Graphic design. Therefore, I started impacting the youths using my Graphics design knowledge by way of training them.

What made you choose this type of business that you do currently? 

From inception, I have always wanted to be an artist / Creative designer. My affinity for colors and Design pushed me into what I am now. I discovered I derive al lot of Joy, Happiness and Fulfillment whenever am teaching and creating any work of Art. My early understanding of the difference between Job and Work help me choose this path. Because Job is anything you do for d reward of it or its dividends, while Work is what you do for the Joy you derive from it.

Tell us about your company, how it got started and what it does?

CEPHAS artworld is a professional art industry with highly proficient and experience graphics designers, Painters and art instructors. It started as far back as June 2013 while I was a student on campus. But started fully June 2016


We have great skills in areas of Drawing, Painting, Billboards, Book design and publishing, Logo, Business cards, Letter headed, Fliers & Banners, Brochures and e-Brochures, Invitation cards, Calendars, Programme pamphlet and other graphic designs. We help to create (bring into production) what you only thought existed in your imaginations.

We also train Children/Youth in discovering and developing their God-given potentials and empowering them to be self-dependent and good citizens of their various countries.

We train informal (roadside) artists who do not have the privilege to experience formal art education by organizing seminars for them. The seminar is tagged “making Informality formal”- where art instructors such as studio artists, Lecturers, University Professors etcetera will give them a feel of formal art education and motivations through an initiative called Cephas Artworld Edu-Aid Initiative.


Our vision is to transform Nigeria artistically through empowering young youths that will be problem solvers through productive thinking and creative imagination.


What are your company’s goals?

  • Give more product value compare to cash value.
  • A touch of excellence and Customer satisfaction in all our services
  • Raise 200 mobile graphics designers
  • Creative development in Nigerian Child/Youth
  • Talent and Vision discovery
  • Career development in Nigerian Youth
  • Youth/Child development and Empowerment

How many employees?

Presently, 6

What characteristics do you think is important for graphic designers to have?

 I call it the G-factor meaning the GOD factor. GOD is the greatest artist and graphics designer ever! He is the founder and father of creativity, so any graphics designers who wants to do exploit must seek creativity from the uncreated creative Himself. Simply put that Creativity is centered on GOD.

What challenges have you faced as an entrepreneur?

One of the challenges I have faced as an entrepreneur is discouragement from people when I was starting up. These discouragements instead made me stronger and wiser.

Exposure is another challenge. It’s a pity that there has never been an exhibition on graphics and creative designs alone, where ideas and innovation can be shared and criticized. But presently, we are working on staging a graphics and creative design exhibition.

What are the risks you’ve taken as far as an entrepreneur?

First, the postponement of my National Service (NYSC) because I have a lot of clients to reach out too and also lives to impact.

Also, investing financially into developing young graphics designers in a scheme I started on 4th November 2016 called Cephas Artworld Edu-Aid Initiative. The Idea is to raise Two hundred (200) mobile graphics designers (designers who design with their mobile phones).Presently, we have reached out to 130 youths so far.

What excites you about the future for graphic designers in Africa?

 Yes, I see a redefined graphics design industry in Africa. An industry where designers will place the father and founder of Creativity at the center of it all. It excites me to see God-fearing designers who will not shake there grounds for silver nor gold; Designers that will redesign the economy of a country from recession to procession.

If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

 Don’t look down on yourself; you have all that it takes to make it out there.  The world is waiting for you, Yes You! Keep working hard. If I can make it as a young African entrepreneur so you can.

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