Photographer? Win $30,000 in the SONY World photography Awards

Sony world photography Awards

If you are a Nigerian photographer, you can win $30,000 in the SONY world photography awards. Global recognition for shortlisted candidates.


The Sony World Photography Awards has four competitions

*Please note: you may only enter one of the below  Sony competitions. Once you have succesfully submitted your images into one of the below, you will not be able to enter the other competitions.

  • Professional – 10 categories, judged on a body of work (Deadline: 13:00 GMT – January 11, 2018)
  • Open – 10 categories, rewarding the best single images (Deadline: 13:00 GMT – January 4, 2018)
    ○ National Awards – Entries submitted to the Open competition are automatically entered into the National Awards based on nationality
  • Youth – for all photographers aged 12-19, a single image responding to one brief (Deadline: 13:00 GMT – January 4, 2018)
  • Student Focus – for those studying photography (Deadline: 13:00 GMT – December 4, 2017)


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