Are you still looking for Tall, Dark and Handsome? How far have you gone in finding Mr Right?

Does setting standard in relationships work all the time? They say “you never know what you really want until you see it”.
Again, as human wants are unlimited and cannot be fully satiated, so also men and women’s taste evolve over time. What appealed to you about a year ago in terms of physical standard may no longer matter to you today.
This could be as a result of a change in environment, attainment of a higher level of maturity or just being more plain realistic. So many of us grew up viewing life through rose coloured spectacles.
Many who fantasized about dating only cute girls or guys ended up with different choices later because they found out that beauty doesn’t last long. Or because they understood better what it means to have the right virtues in life as against vain standards.
This is not to say all standards are vain. But some are simply over the rooftop. Imagine a guy fantasizing or secretly hoping to attract a woman with a certain hip size, certain height, maybe 1.65m…anything out of this is a no-no. That is a vain fantasy because true love, most times, doesn’t or wouldn’t come packaged in your best set physical standards.
People have ended up falling in love with people that never met their physical standards but appealed to them in character/virtue.


Girls and boys have dated those they never imagined they could ever date in the fullest blaze of history. Blame cupid. Cupid can be so wild and crazy at times.
Standards are right when they are set on the borderline of virtues and character. When a woman hopes to marry a guy who is caring, friendly, makes her feel safe, godly and intelligent. These are correct standards that would serve as a template in sieving the good out of the bad for her in any potential suitor.


These are standards that make a person a good individual not just for dating purpose but even for social or official interactions. They say some women are still single today because their standards are too high. They are looking for a tall, dark and handsome guy with a good behaviour and fat account balance. If wishes were horses, beggars they say would ride.
Many cinderellas fantasized about their Prince charming coming to sweep them off their feet and they ended up in a fairy tale wedding.
How many ladies truly got married to the man of their specifications in terms of physical appearances of tall/average height, dark/light/chocolate skinned and handsome/cute/beard gang? How many got married to the men who met their standards in terms of behaviour, career, goals and life objectives?
Are these standards still real in 2017?
So many ladies who were crazy about TDH guys mostly never got their heart desire. Some did, some did not. Life happens. Even some of the TDH men have now been labelled Yoruba demons. They call them heartbreakers. Although they are not necessarily all Yoruba by tribe.

Even though tribal sentiments also come to play in matters of the heart. Some don’t wish to marry from certain tribes or nationality. All these factors have sometimes denied men and women from attaining the level of happiness they should get. They have walked away from meaningful relationships because of tribal sentiments, skin colour and height which are just vain.
Why would God create any inferior product? Why would God make some people and we will label them as inferior?

Our humanity is what matters. Love people because they are at first human beings and not because of their tribe. Every life is important before God. If you find happiness anywhere, go for it.


Happiness or true love isn’t limited by the colour of skin or by being tall, dark and handsome. Receive some sense!!!




Yetunde Olasiyan

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