Top international brand strategists that you should make your role models

Top international brand strategists that you should make your role models

Brand Strategists are known to be marketing mystery-solvers; they are responsible for any effective communication between a brand and its customers. They are the backbone of most traditional agencies, branding and marketing agencies. They are the brains behind creative department of most organizations.

Their knowledge reveals creativity, designs and communication skills. Brand strategists get to know the target market, action on possessing the market and the technical know-how.

#1  Chris Do

Chris Do

The founder, CEO of Blind Inc., is an Emmy award winning designer and director. He has helped companies develop winning brand solutions and marketing campaigns. He is a bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphics and Packaging from Art Centre College of Design, California.

Chris Do serves as on-board brand adviser for most organizations like SONY, NISSAN, EA and Microsoft. He advocates interdisciplinary knowledge of design, business, education, entrepreneurship and humanity. He developed passion for designing in college after enjoying his time in high school when creating work for a commercial art course.

He had an apprenticeship opportunity at silkscreen printing shop after then he went to start Blind Inc. a design firm located in Santa Monica, California running for over 20 years. Chris Do is a guest curator of popular design programme ‘The Skool’ with Groop founder, Jose Caballer educating business of design and design of businesses.

‘If a client says they want a logo done, it is important to ask the right questions and not jump to a design. Yes or no questions won’t result in a cohesive response.

For Chris, “it’s not about making things pretty; it’s about creating value, long term values for the client.”

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#2  Sean Duffy

Sean Duffy

Founder of Duffy Agency is one of the world’s leading brand strategists with 25years experience ranging from IKEA, The United Nations, Volvo and GSK.

He has to think and give solutions to why they are not visible in Germany. Why the Chinese don’t understand their offer or what do Brazilian women feel about exercise?

“Most brands have a compelling story to tell the world. But often the relevance and product advantages get obscured in the marketing process so that customers never really understand. We help by getting to know the target market up close and we talk to them and look for overlap between their unmet needs, then we create message relevant to buyers’ need and competitor differences’, he said.

Sean Duffy began his career as a copywriter with BBDO in Boston and also worked as Creative Director for Knight Advertising in San Francisco. He later moved to Stockholm to work in Sweden. Later Sean founded Duffy Agency in 2001.

When asked Sean, what he loves about his job: ‘the best thing is you get to do what you love every day, learn about new things, solve complex marketing and communicate your insights to others. No two days are ever the same; the compensation is also very competitive.

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Story Credit: Akanni Emmanuel (Strong Creative Studios)

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