5 Ways To Know That She’s Not Really Into You

5 Ways To Know That She is Not Really Into You
5 Ways To Know That She is Not Really Into You

They say women are complicated beings. Men say they are tired of trying to read the body language of their female love interest.


They say it ends in confusion.
Truly, the intricacies that surround the uniqueness of the female gender can be difficult to unravel sometimes.


As you unfold a layer, you think you have seen it all. But then, she switches into another mode different from yesterday. Then, as a man, you begin to wonder.
However, when it comes to matters of the heart, some men hang on far too long. They hang on in the hope that she would come around. Not every woman is ‘forming’ when she says ‘no’. Some women actually say no and mean it.
Its not emotionally safe to keep hanging on a woman who doesn’t respect your feelings. When love isn’t reciprocated, it becomes one sided. It can hardly be sustained.
The good news is: if a woman has driven you crazy before, don’t let her keep you stranded for so long. Here are some tell tale signs that she is not into you. Guys, if after trying all you could and she never budges, don’t kill yourself while at it. You will find love in a better place
1. She doesn’t call unless you call her
Its not that she can’t call but she’s deliberately ignoring you, hoping you’d get the hint. She is not just into you. That’s why you’ve been the only one doing all the calling.
When your call becomes too much, it gets irritating and she starts giving you an excuse. Know this, if a woman loves you, she’d be happy to hear you talk with her. She would look forward to your calls. She would stay awake no matter how long it takes.
2. She says you can’t visit her and she doesn’t visit you
She tells you she’s never at home. She forms busy when you say you would visit her. She doesnt bother to pay you a visit or bother to even know where you stay. Brother, she’s not just into you the way you think.
3. She waits till noon or evening to call on your birthday
Its not that she forgot. She’s just making you understand that you aren’t a priority in her life. So she deliberately wait till the latter part of the day. Because, sincerely she doesn’t care about how you feel.
4. She doesn’t want to meet your family
You invite her to family functions and she declines. You ask her to see you off to your parent’s house and she gives an excuse. She doesn’t want them to see her as your love interest. She doesn’t want them to get the wrong impressions.
5. She doesn’t want to be seen with you
She avoids walking with you in public. If she ever agrees to go on a date with you, it would likely be after a lot of begging. But then, its at a secluded place of her choice. She makes little conversation and avoid eye contact. She keeps checking her watch every five minutes as if to say ‘let’s get this over quickly’.

Then, she’s not just into you.
When a woman doesn’t want to date you, she would leave these and many other clear warning signals. Know that you can never win her if her mind is made up already. She just isn’t yours for keeps. Love yourself enough to walk away.



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