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Here are some Canada immigration Abbreviations you should know

Canada immigration
Canada immigration Nigeria

Planning canada immigration? Here are some useful abbreviations and what they mean

As you begin your Canada immigration, there are terms and abbreviations that you will come across and some you will have to know them well.

We have compiled a list of frequently used abbreviations and their corresponding meaning. This list is by no means exhaustive and more may come up over time. Here they are:

ADR: Additional Documents Request

AOR: Acknowledgement of receipt letter.

AVO: Accra Visa Office

BDEC: Background Decision

CC: Credit Card

CHC: Canadian High Commission – [ refers to the Canadian embassies, Visa offices, and Consulates.

CIC: Citizenship and Immigration, Canada –  the umbrella body which governs both CIO and local CHC offices.

CIO: Centralized Intake Office [ in Sydney Nova scotia – where you sent your application. Sometimes it is mentioned as CIU (Centralized Intake Unit).

COPR: Confirmation of Permanent Residence

CRS: Comprehensive Ranking System

DD: Demand Draft (Bank Draft / Certified Cheque / Money Order)

ECA: Educational Credential Assessment.

ECAS: Client Application Status, an official CIC service which allows to view the status of your application on-line.

EE: Express Entry.

FD: Fixed Deposit.

FSW: Federal Skill Worker.

FILE BF’D TO: File Brought Forward date.

FINDEC: Financial Decision.

FOSS: is a central database of applications.

GCMS: Global Case Management System.

IMMCAT: Immigration Category.

ITA: Invitation To Apply.

JD: Job Description

JSVC: Job Seeker’s Validation Code.

LOE: Letter of Explanation.

LVO: London Visa Office.

M01-M07: level of Medical assessment. M01 means perfect.

MEDDEC: Medical Decision.

MI: Ministerial Instructions.

MR: Medical Examination Request.

NCR: No Criminal Record.

NOC: National Occupation Classification.

OREQ: Other Requirement.

PCC: Police Clearance Certificate.

PEI: Preliminary Evaluation for Immigration.

PER: Confirmation of Positive Eligibility Review from CIO.

PI: Principle immigrant.

POF: Proof of Funds.

PPR: Passport Request.

PPS: point at paper screening stage.

PR: Permanent Residency.

PS: Prescreen (another explanation is Paper selection).

PSDEC: Paper Selection Decision.

RPRF: Right of Permanent Residence Fees.

SEC CRIM: Security criminal.

SELDEC: Selection Decision.

SIN: Social Insurance Number.

SLU: Second Level Update.

SW1: Skill Worker 1.

UCI: Unique Client Identifier, an 8-digit identification number. People usually get it from CIC in a PER confirmation.

VO: Visa Office.

RBVO: Received by Visa Office.

*XREF:*cross referenced applicant.

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