How attracted are you to your partner? Does it really matter?

How attracted are you to your partner
How attracted are you to your partner

Does it matter if you are or not attracted to your Partner?

Eze had been interested in Ezinne since they were in secondary school. He was attracted by her looks, positive vibes, carriage, poise and charm. Truly, she stood tall among her peers. There was a certain unique aura around her which seemed to attract guys to her. Eze was one of them.
He tried all he could but Ezinne wouldn’t budge. He ran errands for her, carried her school bag for her, helped her with difficult assignments but it was obvious that Eze was the only one in love.
Ezinne confessed to him years later that she wasn’t attracted to him one bit. That as much as she tried, she couldn’t bring herself to fall in love with him. So she thought it wouldn’t be fair to string him along without any trace of affection for him.
Ruby and Rudy started their love in the university. They shared a very strong bond. It was very obvious that they were so much into each other. Long before Rudy asked Ruby out, Ruby also secretly liked him. She was attracted to him. So when he came to her, they both fell for each other. It was a beautiful love story.
Some say attraction means nothing, while some believe it means everything. The law of attraction works in every facet of human life, relationships not excluded.
Whether you believe it or not, physical features come to play in matters of the heart. You must be attracted to anyone you want to be involved with. This is someone you will be seeing for the rest of your life. This isn’t about meeting standards that are overboard physically but there must be something about that person’s appearance that excites you.
You must be happy to be in the person’s company. Their physical features or lack of it must be okay with you. There must be something which you have found special about them.
Attraction and love work together. They ignite the fire of passion, of bonding, togetherness and friendship.
Attraction is a key factor in any meaningful relationship. This is because your better half is like your mirror. He or she represents you. So, the individual must be someone you are very proud to show off to people around you.
Lack of attraction causes heartaches in marital relationships. If the level or feeling of attraction is not mutual, its a recipe for disaster. Only one person is in a relationship with himself. The love is un- reciprocated. The other person feels choked, unhappy and unfulfilled.
So many marital relationships where the level of attraction is zero have almost or probably hit the rocks. Some are managing the situation while others cannot.
Even though life will not always give you what you want but you can always make a demand out of life. You can patiently strive to go after what you want because in the end, everything comes back to you.

It is never good to marry or date for the sake of pity or just to sample.


Anyone who you can’t imagine yourself being involved with on a long term shouldn’t be deceived to stay around you.


Sometimes, the attraction might not come immediately. It might not be on first sight. Most times, it takes continual watering for the seed of mutual affection and attraction to germinate.


But when it comes, you will know it. It will sweep off every bias in your heart. You will have eyes only for that person. It will ignite an excitement which only you can decipher.




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