Meet the person & Company that built Linda Ikeji TV VOD Platform

Meet the company that built Linda Ikeji TV
Meet the company that built Linda Ikeji TV

Linda Ikeji TV design has further demonstrated the depth of Nigeria’s Tech Talents.


We all know that the anticipation for the long-awaited Linda Ikeji TV has finally come and gone, and we were all surprised by the quality of both the aesthetics and the functionality of the project across all the multiple platforms upon which it was launched. Especially since the Linda Ikeji social did not really live up to the expectations, despite the hype it gathered and the investments that went into it at the time.


For a first-timer visiting either the Linda Ikeji TV website or interacting with the mobile app, such a person will have to check again to see if they are not interacting mistakenly with the Netflix app. That is how good the Linda Ikeji TV apps and website is!


With this quality of work that is synonymous mostly with foreign built platforms, it will even be a greater shocker to realize that the beautifully designed platform was built by a Nigerian Company- Swipe (@swipemax on twitter).


Who are these fantastic people?

We found out that the company has been around for at least 5 years and has been involved in a lot of super awesome projects that we see every day. The company is behind that super-cool Stanbic IBTC mobile app and the Number one event ticketing platform-Nairabox.

A close look at all these apps, one will see that consistent touch of professionalism and deep sense of design.

A tweet by Damilola Jegede

A tweet by Damilola Jegede


Who is the person behind it?

Damilola Rafael Jegede (@DamilolaJegede on twitter) is an innovator with a strong passion for solving problems in the FINTECH space, a self-taught programmer who is on a mission to establish Nigeria as one of the game changers in the world of technology.

He’s the CEO of SWIPE (a technology solution provider) and nairabox (a social digital payment platform). Damilola is a programmer with 14 years experience he started coding in 2002 with notepad,

Damilola has little to none, he attended Holy Child Nursery and Primary School in Satellite Town and for his secondary school he attended King’s High School in Satellite Town both in Lagos.


He never chased a university degree. He got approval from his parents to venture into technology without the need for a degree. They bought his first computer which he used to learn programming. He spent 2 years learning how to code working from 9pm till 9am regularly on his own.


One of his biggest achievements was scoring the Stanbic IBTC app in 2011, he was 25 years old working for a one man company and was given the opportunity to build the app for the bank and for their subsidiaries, nairabox , is also one of his biggest achievements, looking at the barriers the brand has had to overcome, the growth and acceptance of the brand has been truly remarkable. His wife and kids won’t be left out as they have inspired him greatly.

Damilola has also been part of voluntary work, he is part of the Tosin Jegede foundation that handles the One Child, One Book initiative, and they give out books to primary school children. He designed the website for the foundation and also took part in the excursions with the children and reading club.

Damilola is passionate about coding, building things, he sees himself as an innovator, researching emerging technologies around the world in countries like India and Brazil and seeing how we can replicate such in Nigeria to improve our economy.

Damilola enjoys travelling around the world to experience things, swimming and watch movies with family and friends.

He currently lives in Lagos with his family.


What we learnt from this

We think Linda Ikeji deserves some accolades for all her faith in the Nigerian Tech Community. Despite the below par design and performance of Linda Ikeji Social, she did not give up on Nigerian Techies, and of course we came through this time around via Damilola Jegede’s Swipe.

From Damilola’s story, It’s obvious that parents in this day and age will have to support their kid’s career choices no matter the gender. Not having a University degree also does not translate to a dark and gloomy future.

And to all the techies (designers and developers) out there, make enough time to perfect your craft before believing that you have arrived. Do not allow the distractions of this age stop you from being the best and world-class!



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