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ABC of Skilled Worker Immigration to Canada

Immigration Canada

Here are the detailed steps on Skilled Worker Immigration to Canada

Canada is a very big country with a very small number of people and for Canada to exist, the country must grow our population at least 1.5% rate annually. So, Immigration is the only solution to Canada’s fulfillment of human resource needs.

To migrate to Canada as a young skilled worker, here are the detailed steps:

  1. Reference letter (Right NOC selection)
  2. Proof of Fund must be readily available
  3. IELTS GT (L8,R7,S7&W7 for PA), IELTS GT(Min 6 in all modules, Spouse)
  4. Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) PA & Spouse if married
  5. Enter EE Pool once you have 2-4 above ready. Also ensure you can get 1 before going into the pool
  6. If your age is high, check PNP
  7. Wait for Nomination or ITA
  8. If your CRS point is within the biweekly cut off, expect ITA
  9. Candidate should Accept/Reject ITA
  10. If you accept ITA, go for medical then submit eAPR via MYCIC
  11. Pay Application Fees & pay RPRF at the same time or pay RPRF later
  12. After submission, you will receive AOR from IRCC
  13. Medical Passed or Failed
  14. Completeness check by officer. Incomplete application will be rejected. Complete application will be accepted.
  15. File transfer to visa officer for further review. ADR can be sent. VO can conduct interview over the phone or invite applicant for further clarification (Rarely occurs only if application goes into spin for program integrity checks)
  16. Background & other checks continue. ADR can be sent VO can conduct interview via tel or invite applicant for further clarification(Rarely occurs with many applicants)
  17. Applicant will receive PPR, If ADR is satisfactory to the officer and you must pay for RPRF at this stage if you didn’t pay during eAPR Submit evidence of payment along with your PPR.
  18. In MYCIC, your status will show APPROVED after few days.
  19. Send your Passport to CHC via courier.
  20. COPR & Visa are issued.
  21. PR status unconfirmed as you’re yet to land.
  22. PR confirmed at POE upon Landing.
  23. Welcome to Canada!

If you do not understand all the Abbreviations above you can click here to see all the Canada immigration abbreviations and their corresponding meaning. Good luck.

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