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Top 5 Product Managers in Nigeria: Take a look

Top 5 Product Managers in Nigeria
Product Managers

Product Managers in the context of Software Engineering, especially in Africa, are in a relatively new career path. 

While they are mostly responsible for the product vision, Product managers own the business strategy behind the product. They specify product requirements, coordinate the work of other product development stakeholders; such as Software Engineers, Product designers and data scientists,  and are generally responsible for the commercial success of the product.  

Nigeria has seen an increase, in the last decade, of the use of digital products made ubiquitous by the adoption of startup culture, the increasing internet and smartphone penetration, and the gradual migration to a cashless economy. Apart from the entrepreneurs behind these amazing innovations, these digital products have been envisioned and built to perfection by product development professionals, chief amongst whom are seasoned Product managers. 

In no particular order, but in reference to the efforts put in, career achievements, Products built and of course, the impact made in the Nigerian Tech community, here is a list of the top Product Managers in Nigeria:


Ope Adeoye

Ope Adeoye

Ope is perhaps the father of modern-day Product Management in Nigeria. He holds an Engineering Degree from the University of Ilorin and over 17 years of experience in the Tech Industry, with 10 of those being in Product management. He as worked in both the FINTECH and telecommunications sector and has overseen the implementation of core products used at scale over the years.

He is currently the ‘Chief Hustler’ at One-Pipe Services Limited, a company that offers standard API schema and protocols for exchange, wrapping it all into one API gateway for Banks to offer to their numerous customers. 

Twitter: @opeadeoye

Desiree Craig

Desiree Craig

Desiree is a uniquely talented Product owner. Her journey into Tech started in 2011, with Product Management Taking a large chunk of that. She is vast and versatile and has built products across multiple sectors in different countries. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Computing from Warwick University and has a special interest in Education. 

She is currently the Vice President, Product and Tech at uLesson Limited, a Pioneer company that has built an App which hosts thousands of educational video tutorials that combine quality lessons delivered by experts in education, with digital animation and illustration to explain key – and often, complex – concepts. The company provide students with a learning experience that is unprecedented in its richness, scope, interactivity and effectiveness. 

Twitter: @raydaizy

Oluwatobi Otokiti

Oluwatobi Otokiti

Oluwatobi is fast becoming the face of Product Management in Nigeria, not just by the work she does but by training and creating opportunities for other young Product Managers in the Tech industry both in Nigeria and Africa, through are Product Dive Initiative. 

A Master’s graduate of Computer Science from the Premier, University of Ibadan, her career spans different companies and roles from FINTECH to EDUTECH. 

She is currently the Senior Growth Product Manager at Flutterwave-A top Financial Technology Company in Africa. She was previously a Product Manager at Andela-an American company that Identifies and develops technical talents, giving them the opportunity to work with world-class companies.

Twitter: @TobiOtokiti

Babatunde Ogidan

Babatunde Ogidan

Babatunde is a seasoned product Manager. He has a knack for financial products that greatly improve the lives of people, especially in emerging markets. His career started out as a software developer in one of the Top financial institutions in Nigeria but he quickly evolved into the role of a Product Manager, a role he has worked in different organizations till date.

A graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University, he majored in Food Engineering, with a handful of Product and Agile software development method certifications under his belt.

Currently, he doubles as the Product Manager and the Vice-president of Digital Banking after previously holding the same position but on the Moniepoint Team at TeamApt. TeamApt is a financial technology company focused on developing Digital Banking, Digital Business solutions and Payments Infrastructure by rethinking the needs of consumers, businesses and the financial industry.

Twitter: @ogidantunde

Tunde Adeniran

Tunde Adeniran

Tunde Adeniran

Tunde will make you fall in love with Product Management as a career. And he keeps getting better in a career of over 10 years. He is at first a  certified Project Manager, which makes his transition into product Management very seamless and Natural. 

An Honors degree holder from Igbenedion University, he studied Computer Science and Information Technology. 

A seasoned speaker, his career spans different organizations, and he has helped build different important products, used by lots of people and organizations till date. 

Lately, he is the Vice President of Product at Terragon Group. Terragon is an enterprise marketing technology company. They aggregate and enrich difficult-to-source consumer data, generating measurable outcomes for telco’s, banks, and larger brands. 

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