Top 4 Creative Agencies in Nigeria

Top 4 Creative agencies in Nigeria
Top 4 Creative Agencies in Nigeria

Among the hundreds of thousands of websites, brand Identities and Ads in Nigeria, only a handful of them stand out! This may be due to the refusal of several individual and Agencies (who claim to be brand specialists and web designers) to improve and update their skill-set continuously as those technologies evolve.

However, in the dawn of the current decade, we began to witness the emergence of individuals and agencies who know their onions and are producing an endless stream of world-class projects right here in Nigeria. A peek into their portfolio will certainly leave you dumbfounded. Little wonder they got to work with top companies and Organizations.

In our opinion, these top Creative Agencies have been saving the face of the Nation; as one cannot imagine the country without those beautiful and colourful lamp-post banners, billboards, Red-carpet Backdrops, social media campaigns e.t.c

In no particular order or hierarchy, below are the top four (4) website/creative agencies in Nigeria currently:



Top 4 Creative Agencies in Nigeria

Having won the best website development Company of the year 2016 at the Nigerian Technology Awards, Cregital Agency is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon; if anything else, they are firing on all cylinders in the year 2017.

Established in the year 2015 by Evans Akanno (a former Creative Strategist at Konga), the Agency boasts of one of the richest portfolios in the Country, barely two in existence. Top-notch team, good team-work and great attention to detail are some of the attributes that endear them to top Clients like Zenith bank, Multichoice Africa (Africa Magic and AMVCA), e.t.c.

Their services include Design and branding, Website design and development and digital marketing services. Contact them here.



Top 4 Creative Agencies in Nigeria


Domiciled in Lagos Nigeria, this Agency boasts of a robust portfolio, experienced team and proper knowledge of what it takes to get the job done. Having worked with clients like Exxon Mobil, Citibank, Wakanow and Google, you can be sure they surely know their onions. They also contribute to the development of the creative industry with their periodic design Contests, through which lots of creative talents have been discovered and nurtured.

Ellae was founded by Noella Ekezie, a seasoned and professional designer who trained at the prestigious Parsons School of Design in New York.

Their services include Brand Services, creative designs, digital marketing services, Integrated Communication and SME Consultancy. You can reach out to them here.




Top 4 Creative Agencies in Nigeria


Obviously the darling of a lot of Clients seeking world-class creative services in Nigeria and beyond.

Boasting of a young and vibrant team, CKDigital was founded in 2011 by Charles Dairo, to inculcate the culture of excellence into the Creative and digital space in Nigeria. All these can be confirmed by the star-clientele that lines their Portfolio’s galaxy. Clients include Sifax group, Chams Plc, Premier Bet, Vitafoam e.t.c.

Their services are web design and development, e-commerce services, Branding and creatives and managed services. Get across to them here.



Top 4 Creative Agencies in Nigeria

Also established in 2015, Akanka designs arrived and took the Nigerian Creative space by storm; churning out hit designs back to back since inception. All you have to do is to contact them here and you are on your way to being the hottest brand in town.

Co-founded by the duo of Chinemelum and Chuba Ezekwesili, two siblings who can be best described as a combination of Creativity and Smarts; you can be sure that you’ve got your money where your mouth is.

Some of their clients include Koko’s Kitchen, Lagos Startup Dealday, Reel fruits, Troyka Group e.t.c. Visit their website to see some more and contact them.



This compilation is written as objectively as possible and it depicts our opinion and view of the quality of work produced by these Agencies. If you have any reservations, comments or suggestions, kindly forward such to



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